We are Baptist missionaries serving the Lord through church planting in Emalahleni, South Africa. The Lord is building His church in Emalahleni through evangelism, discipleship, planting indigenous churches, and training national pastors.

What has the Lord done at FBC in Emalahleni?

  • pic childrenEstablished a dynamic and multi-cultural congregation of around 225 people. Because our entire city runs on shift-work (Emalahleni is a coal producer and power generating city), so does our church. Most of our people work some weekends each month, and because of this we run multiple services… meaning there are different congregations on any given Sunday! This allows us to meet in a smaller auditorium (we can accommodate 145), as well as having a lot more people involved by serving in “shifts.”
  • Enabled our local congregation to support eight South African missionaries. We support each of these families up to ten percent of their monthly support.
  • Enabled our local congregation to assist another church plant initiative with substantial monthly contributions over five years, decreasing by twenty percent each year.
  • Initiated a Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) as an intense twelve month mentorship, moving a young man or family into full-time ministry. During this time a scholarship is provided so that the individual may study, work, and mentor with us full-time.
  • pic churchFinished construction of a beautiful building and purchased two church vehicles. FBC is completely debt free through the exclusive contributes of its congregation.
  • Completed one pastoral training conference, and pursuing two other opportunities in Zimbabwe and Northern Mozambique.

How may you support our family and the ministry in Emalahleni?

  • Pray. I am continually amazed that God is able to fill and use the empty pots we bring Him. Here are a few empty pots we are asking God to fill: 1) We are currently training five young people who are moving into ministry, and we need lots of wisdom and strength. 2). Pastoral training opportunities in Zimbabwe and Northern Mozambique seem to be opening. We need courage and direction to walk through these doors. You can pray more purposefully by leaving your email at the bottom of our home page in order to receive updates from the crumkids.
  • Give. In order to invest in what God is doing in Emalahleni, would you consider partnering with our family? We are supported through the gracious giving of churches and individuals. See our support page for more information.
  • acacia-sunsetCome! With the present exchange rate a trip to South Africa is much more feasible than you think. With advance notice we are well-equipped to accommodate up to ten people. Pastors, church members, and smaller youth groups would be challenged through exposure to the mission field in Emalahleni, South Africa. We are always needing more glaciers in Africa; maybe God is calling you?

*** Read our personal testimonies and beliefs, or find out about our partners in ministry.

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